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Neighbourhood Plan Consultation

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Our questions are intended to be thought provoking and are not intended to limit what you can tell us. If you wish to make comments not covered by our questions, please use the final field in this form.

The Neighbourhood Plan is our opportunity to tell local planners how we want our community to develop over the next 25 years. Please tell us what you value about where you live and what you would change.

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If you live in the Parish, please include the village (Alconbury Weald, Great Stukeley, Little Stukeley) in your address.

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Communication preferences:


What things are worth protecting? What would you like to see more of?

What would you like to see less of?


Alconbury Weald? Northbridge (between A141 and Great Stukeley)? Extension of the Ermine Business Park? RAF Alconbury?

Affordable housing? Retirement homes? Family housing? More flats? More bungalows? Increased use of small undeveloped plots?

Green space

What would those uses be?


Village halls? Leisure facilities? Dog walking areas? Sports facilities?

Public services

Health? Police? Waste & refuse? Grass cutting? Grounds maintenance?

What's missing? What could we do with more of? What public services do we have that we could do without?

In an ideal world, what would be different about our public services?


Is there enough work available in the parish? Is it OK that most employment opportunities are outside of our parish? Would you like to see more businesses employing people in our parish?

Retail outlets

If you would like more shops in the parish, what sorts of shops?


Should businesses be encouraged to locate and grow in the Stukeleys? Should new businesses be restricted to Alconbury Weald?


If you ticked 'other', please tell us what type of transport?


Is there too much? Or too little? Are drivers taking enough care?

Other commentsAre there any other comments you wish to make about the Neighbourhood Plan for our parish?

Thank you for taking the time to complete this consultation.

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