The Stukeleys Parish Council

The Stukeleys Parish Neighbourhood Plan

Click here to see parishioners' responses to consultation from our recent drop in events.

What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

The law (Localism Act 2011) gives us the power to develop a plan, a shared vision, for our neighbourhood that has the same weight in law as the Local Plan developed by Huntingdon District Council (HDC).

When planning officers consider planning applications they will use our Neighbourhood Plan to assist in forming their recommendations and when HDC makes planning decisions they will give the same regard to our Neighbourhood Plan as they do to the Local Plan and any other material consideration.

The Neighbourhood Plan is our opportunity to help shape the future of our parish.

Sounds good! How are we doing?

On 7 April 2016, The Stukeleys Parish Council wrote to Huntingdon District Council to give notice of our intention to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan that will cover all of our parish. You can see a copy of that letter here, and a downloadable copy of the map referred to in the letter here.

On 2 June 2016, HDC confirmed approval of our application to have the entire parish designated for the Neighbourhood Plan. A copy of the officer's report recommending approval can be found here.

The whole Parish forms our 'designated area'.

At its meeting on 4 July 2016 the parish council established the Neighbourhood Plan Steeering Group and agreed terms of reference for that group. The Terms of Reference can be found here.

See an online copy of the Neighbourhood Plan consultation form