The Stukeleys Parish Council

Playground Equipment

Playground equipment in Great Stukeley

1. Climbing Frame and Slide

Climbing frame

2. Rope Roundabout

Rope roundabout

3. 4 Bay Swing

4 Bay Swing

4. Two goal frames

Goal frames

5. Rotunda seating

Rotunda seating

6. Open seats

Open seats

7. Bin

Great Stukeley plaing field bin

Play equipment in Little Stukeley

1. Mount Apache Unit

The Apache Unit

2. Fireman's Tower

Fireman's Tower

3. 4 Bay Swing

4 Bay Swing

4. Slide

4 Bay Swing

5. Two goal frames

5 a side goal frames

6. Third goal frame

5 a side goal frame

7. Seat and bin

Seat and bin